The Westminster Abbey

Hand Made Vintage Tube Preamplifier

The Westminster Abbey Vintage Tube Preamp

Our own take on a classic British tube preamp design. Not your typical boring 19" rack space or tiny lunch box preamp. We wanted this unit to be a tribute to the hi-fi gear of the past. It is the perfect addition to the style and class that has made Cathedral Pipes a known name.


  • Jensen Output capacitor
  • Cinemag Input and Output transformer
  • Hamburg Germany (Valvo/Phillips) PF83 and PC900 NOS tube
  • Wima MK4 and Mika caps throughout
  • Nickel plated chassis
  • Muller Elektrotechnik torriod power
  • Mu Metal shielded power transformer

Price : $1650.00

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The Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is steeped in more than a thousand years of history. Benedictine monks first came to this site in the middle of the tenth century, establishing a tradition of daily worship which continues to this day. The Abbey has been the coronation church since 1066 and is the final resting place of seventeen monarchs. The present church, begun by Henry III in 1245, is one of the most important Gothic buildings in the country, with the medieval shrine of an Anglo-Saxon saint still at its heart. A treasure house of paintings, stained glass, pavements, textiles and other artefacts, Westminster Abbey is also the place where some of the most significant people in the nation's history are buried or commemorated. Taken as a whole the tombs and memorials comprise the most significant single collection of monumental sculpture anywhere in the United Kingdom.