Saint Jean Baptiste

Hand Made Vintage FET Microphone.

The Saint Jean Baptiste Vintage FET Microphone

A vintage German design. Modeled after the Neumann U47 FET. We wanted to use our own M7 inside the original design of the FET; however the polarization voltage drawn from the shared wimpy 48V phantom proved to be a challenge. We use a custom booster circuit to get around the issue and a current limiter to carefully portion out the current to each section of the design. The Hi-z portion of the circuit including the FET are all done point to point on Ceramic rails while the rest of the circuit is implemented with modern SMD components. It is an "old meets new" hybrid which retains that vintage tone while saving power to add new features and use the original M7 capsule.


  • Our own hand made M7 capsule
  • Cinemag CM-13101 output transformer
  • Wima MK4 and Polystyrene caps throughout
  • Custom OCC cable
  • Neutrik and Binder cable connections

Price : $1300.00

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Cath�drale Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Lyon

Begun in the twelfth century on the ruins of a 6th-century church, it was completed in 1476. The building is 80 meters long (internally), 20 meters wide at the choir, and 32.5 meters high in the nave. The cathedral organ was built by Daublaine and Callinet and was installed in 1841 at the end of the apse and had 15 stops. It was rebuilt in 1875 by Merklin-Sch�tze and given 30 stops, three keyboards of 54 notes and pedals for 27. Noteworthy are the two crosses to right and left of the altar, preserved since the council of 1274 as a symbol of the union of the churches, and the Bourbon chapel, built by the Cardinal de Bourbon and his brother Pierre de Bourbon, son-in-law of Louis XI, a masterpiece of 15th century sculpture. The cathedral also has the Lyon Astronomical Clock from the 14th century. Until the construction of the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvi�re, it was the pre-eminent church in Lyon..