The Regensburg Dom

Hand Made Vintage Tube Microphone.

The Regensburg Dom Vintage Tube Microphone

A vintage German design with bite. The ultimate rock microphone, with a twist. Modeled after the world's most famous microphone, the Neumann U47. We wanted to clean it up a bit and add some bite. This microphone delivers that "in your face" attitude, while retaining a warm vintage tone suited for a variety of applications. This will quickly become your go-to recording microphone.


  • Our own hand made M7 capsule
  • Multicap PPFXS output capacitor
  • Cinemag CM-2461NiCo output transformer
  • Hamburg Germany (Valvo/Phillips) PF86 NOS tube
  • Wima MK4 and Polystrene caps throughout
  • Custom Rycote Shockmount made exclusively for Catherdal Pipes
  • OCC wire
  • Custom OCC cable
  • Neutrik cable connections

Price : $1800.00

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Regensburg Dom (St. Peter's Cathedral)

The Regensburg Cathedral is the bishop's church and the principal church of the Regensburg diocese. It is also the home of the Regensburger Domspatzen ("cathedral sparrows"), a choir rich in tradition. The structure is considered the most significant Gothic work in southern Germany. The Cathedral is also the burial place of important bishops, including Johann Michael von Sailer (1829-1832, memorial built by Konrad Eberhard in the south chancel), Georg Michael Wittmann (1832-1833, memorial also by Konrad Eberhard in the north chancel), and Archbishop Michael Buchberger (1927-1961, likewise in the north chancel). In the western part of the central nave stands a bronze memorial for the Prince-Bishop Cardinal Philipp Wilhelm (d. 1598), the brother of Duke Maximilian I of Bavaria.